Saturday, January 26, 2019

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Ritzy Thimble January 14, 2019

Patty shared a great way to add a 5" hanging sleeve to quilts for 'Then and Now Show'

Patty A.

Attach sandpaper to file folder to be able to write on fabric for labeling quilts




Patty's Sew and Tell

Celia with Round-Robin

Verilyn's awesome string quilt from Diane Knott's Strip Quilt Secrets'

Julie's Broken Dishes

Johnnie's Round- Robin

Love Johnnies Spiral quilting

Alison's orphan block quilt


Alison- this is the back of quilt!



Connie's Talkin Turkey (Bonnie Hunter) 4 years in the making!

Connie- close-up

Anna S.

Anna S.

Anna S.

Anna. S. Love those string quilts!

Celia, Child Advocacy donation

Judy's Disappearing Nine Patch

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

September 2018 Meeting

Narda called our meeting to order around 6:00 pm. and asked for a moment of silence. We have a few members who have experienced some sadness in their lives recently. We hope for brighter days for those affected.

Favorite tools or notions were discussed by some in attendance. It was a good discussion!

Attendance & Membership -
Members - 48 members in attendance

3 visitors - Ann Johnson, Lisa and her hubby from Loose Threads

GUEST SPEAKER - Lisa from Loose Threads in Harriman came to share some new things she is doing at her shop. She demonstrated patterns by Crabapple Hill using Crayola crayons and explained the process she uses to color on fabric for these projects. Very informative and she also brought some of her shop with her so we had an opportunity to shop!

Linda Yam won a giveaway from Lisa's shop

Door Prizes - Winners were: Debra Carroll, Pat Parr, Anna Singleton, Kit Brown, and Nancy Jones.

Hospitality House Challenge -

Allison gave out "Thank Yous" and charms to those who participated in the HH Challenge. Another quilt was turned in tonight at the meeting!

We were given ballots to vote on the theme we will use for the 2019 Hospitality House Challenge.

Block Drawing/Fat Quarter Exchange -

Cindy divided up the jelly rolls that were brought in and the winners were: Karen Larabee, Narda Hipsher, Jane Dunham, Kathy Lee, Julie Niles, and Debbie Roby.

The next block due for our Block Drawing in October is a Scrappy Log Cabin using 2 1/2" strips should finish at 14" and uses a brown center. Cindy provided a handout.

Child Advocacy - Arlene Murphy donated some quilts for this effort.

Pillowcases for Children's Hospital - Pillowcases are due in November! Lynda has done a great job managing this project!

She states she has about 66 pillowcases at home and 10 were turned in tonight. We need to get busy!

UFO's - Remember to let Nancy McComish as you finish items you have listed for the UFO challenge. Send a picture to Nancy. Quilt tops do not have to be quilted, just finished...

WOOL PRESSING MATS - Sassy Foster is still taking orders for the wool pressing mats. Some orders that were previously placed were brought in tonight. These mats are $13.50.

HOLIDAY EXCHANGE - Please make a 12" - 14" seasonal wall hanging to exchange for our December Christmas Meeting.

SEW & TELL - Participants were: Celia Shanks, Pat Anderson, Connie Dean, Sassy Foster, Julie Niles, Verilyn Smith, Linda Johnson, Arlene Murphy, and Pat Parr.






Great job Ladies

See you at our October 8 meeting at 6:00 pm!

Happy Stitching 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

August Hospitality House Meeting

Tonight's meeting was held at the Cheyenne Building so we could donate quilts made for the Hospitality House.  Hospitality House representatives,  Kim Maes and Monica Mathis had the cafeteria staff at Methodist Medical Center prepare a wonderful meal for us.  Our Guild donated 31 beautiful quilts to the Hospitality House!  Narda opened the meeting by expressing her heartfelt "thank yous" to all who were able to donate this year and talked about the pride she feels by belonging to such a giving group of quilters and friends.
The Hospitality House has opened a third house and now has 12 fully furnished apartments.  They provide food and other non-perishable goods to individuals who have to travel from rural areas to receive treatments for various illnesses. Many come alone with no caregivers, no cars, etc. and become totally dependent on the Hospitality House for care and support during this difficult time.  Some stories of quilt recipients were shared with us to give us an idea of how meaningful it is to the individuals who receive one of our quilts.  These individuals are often brought to tears because they are so overwhelmed by the gift of a quilt.
Tonight, we had 37 people in attendance (including Kim & Monica).  Allison Darken explained about the categories for voting on the quilts and the following quilters won:
Quilt that best followed the theme "Let the Sunshine In" - Darlene Roby
Quilt I would like to take home - Patty Ashworth
Quilt that makes you smile - Allison Darken

Here are all of the quilts that were donated:











And a shot of the our members in attendance along with Kim and Monica:

Thank you Allison for heading up this project for the Hospitality House for 2018!  Great job!